Emergency Food Relief

Weekly Food Distributions

Community members can attend any one of our 4 weekly food distributions in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee.   We distribute nearly 4,200 pounds of food weekly, 16,800 pounds of food monthly and 218,400 pounds of food annually.  This equates to a distribution of nearly 2,500 meals weekly, 10,000 meals monthly, and 130,000 meals annually.  For a list of locations and times, see Food Assistance.

Emergency Food Bags

Community members can also receive up to 6 Emergency Food Bags, each of which are filled with non-perishable food items that should supplement the diet of a family of 1 for 3 days.  After receipt of the maximum limit of emergency food bags, we encourage community members to set up an appointment with the local Family Resource Center for an assessment.  For a list of partner agencies housing Emergency Food Bags, see Food Assistance.

Cooking Compromised Food Bags

Community members who are "cooking compromised" (i.e. little to no access to a stove, microwave, etc.) may receive up to 6 Cooking Compromised Bags per year, with each bag containing various non-perishable food items that require no cooking.  For a list of partner agencies housing Cooking Compromised Food Bags, see Food Assistance.

Food and Companionship Exchange (FACE)

FACE is a program that serves community members who are restricted to their homes because of poor health, and who have limited access to food by making weekly grocery deliveries to their homes.  For a list of eligibility requirements, see Food Assistance.

For information about Emergency Food Relief volunteer opportunities, see Volunteer.