Nutrition Education

Project MANA's Nutrition Education Program aims to provide the community members we serve with tools that improve health, wellness and perspective on what it means to be well nourished.  

2nd Grade Nutrition Education

A 6 session course taught in local schools to second grade students with topics focusing on MyPlate, healthy eating, and creating healthy habits. The curriculum used is "Eating Healthy from Farm to Fork," created by the University of California Cooperative Extension.

Hunger Awareness Banquets

Presentations offered to schools, service groups, and the local community to increase local, national and global hunger awareness.  Groups are split into low, middle and high income groups and given a corresponding snack after a discussion of income disparities and hunger.  

Weekly Food Distribution Nutrition Education

Community members attending weekly food distributions are educated on making and creating proper food choices through cooking demonstrations, recipes, and lessons on smart shopping, food budgeting and food safety.  

For information on Nutrition Education volunteer opportunities, see Volunteer.


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